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Amero Environmental Solutions

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We provide cradle to grave environmental engineering, consulting, industrial hygiene and remediation for fire, water, storm, flood damage and for client site / facility evaluation and contamination assessment with our Service Excellence business model from Horst Schulze and our customer satisfaction guarantee.

As COVID-19 virus concerns continue to advance, we are committed to the health and wellbeing of the community. Consistent with the Amero family vow to sustainability, we deploy environmentally proven safe, EPA approved and all-natural plant based products. Sanitize your environment. We are preparing and maintaining air and surfaces for the return and continuance of your most precious resource, human capital.

We employ environmental professionals (EP), accredited and licensed field and laboratory professionals to identify, evaluate and perform:

Restoration and Remediation from damage caused by

  • Fire, water, smoke, storm, flood, moisture, sewage
  • Sanitization of surfaces from fungus, bacteria and virus, e.g., COVID-19
  • Decontamination of hazardous and radioactive materials and substances
  • Large and small size, emergency
  • We respond any time day or night, 24 hours / 7 days

Sanitization and Sterilization  

  • Sanitization of surfaces and air
  • Resistance to fungus, bacteria and virus, e.g., COVID-19
  • UV-C mobile technology and permanent installation
  • CDC approved solutions
Environmental Site Assessment and Consulting
  • Transaction Screen - Is there a likely problem?
  • Phase I - Comprehensive assessment of problem?
  • Phase II - Sample, test, extent of problem?
  • Phase III - Remediate and fix problem?

Industrial hygiene (IH) services

  • Lead based paint (LBP)
  • Drinking water quality (MCL)
  • Indoor air quality (IAQ) microbiological testing
  • Environmental / transmutable contamination sanitization and sterilization, e.g. COVID-19 via proprietary technology
  • Mold consulting testing and analysis
  • Asbestos assessment, abatement and monitoring
  • OSHA personnel exposure monitoring
  • Dust particles, radon testing and more 

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We do not perform paid interest-conflicting services at the same site. Our permanent website in under design and construction.